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You may know what Comicsgate is or you may not. If you know what it is, I’m sure you have an opinion about it, so in the interest of people having opinions, let me share mine - I’ve never engaged with a more welcoming, encouraging and inspiring group of creators as those involved with that dreaded c-word. That’s all I’m going to say on the topic.

CG was the reason I finally decided to start working on the Star Fetched comic in 2018, and I had planned on getting more involved with the community then - but as I’ve blogged about, the opportunity to work on the game took precedent, so I held off. Once the game was finished though, however, I dipped my toe in the waters with some fan art of two projects that I was impressed by the most - Gunship Thunderpunch by Brian Shearer (who, ironically enough, I don't think is actually comicsgate) and the unofficial mascot of the movement, Cyberfrog by the human sunbeam himself, Ethan Van Sciver.

Gunship Thunderpunch & Cyberfrog

The response was positive enough that I just kept going… which usually means I go overboard.

Available for download here

I should point out, not all of these characters are technically associated with comicsgate, some are just indie creators who have been friendly with the scene… Which these days feels like a lot to ask of most. So if the hashtag bothers you, just consider this a love letter to indie comics sans the labels.

Regardless, I love this community, I love everybody involved, and I’ve had some incredible opportunities come from my involvement with it. I’ve also purchased some sweet comics. Just sayin’.

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