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Crescent Moon Games Freelance Work

Star Fetched isn’t the only thing I’ve worked on with Crescent Moon Games, I’ve also gotten to do some pretty fun banner & logo work for a handful of other games that they’ve published. Here are just a handful of illustrations I’ve had the pleasure to create:

1. Reed 2
Reed 2 is a really fun platforming puzzle game where you play as an adorable fuzzy little critter who must go from room to room finding secrets and collecting glowing cubes to unlock the exits and escape without getting viciously murdered by traps.

Reed 2 Banner

Reed 2 App Icon (Left: Final, Right: Alternate Concept

2. Reed Remastered
This was a remastered release for Reed 1. Wish I could say more about this other than that a year had passed between working on these two, so my drawing of Reed himself is slightly better. I hope.

Reed Remastered Banner

Reed Remastered App Icon (Left: Final, Right: Alternate Concept

3. Galaxy Stack
This one I had the most fun illustrating. Galaxy Stack is a vertical scrolling space shooter that’s incredibly reminiscent of old school arcade games, and the direction I received for creating the art was to design to look just like that - an old school arcade cabinet. This went through two variations and the final version ended up being a glorious Frankenstein of both.

Galaxy Stack Banner

4. Sword Shot
Sword Shot is a black and white shooter where the goal is to shoot through a series of spinning objects in an attempt to kill the enemy at the center of those objects. It’s difficult as all get out, but it’s a frustratingly good time. The simplicity of the graphics allowed me some freedom in the overall design of the banner as I got to interpret slightly more detailed versions of the sprites. I also got to create the logo for this one a well.

Sword Shot Vertical & Horizontal Banners

5. Deathchron
Words cannot express how genuinely excited I am for this game, and even more excited that I got to make the artwork for the banners. Deathchron is basically a mech version of Master Blaster. You’re a kid who has control of this giant robot and you run n’ gun through all kinds of glorious pixel carnage. You can also exit the mech a la Master Blaster to perform exploratory tasks. For the artwork I chose to use a streak of x-ray light going through to mech to reveal the boy controlling it from the inside. The boy’s t-shirt and chair design are a homage to one of my favorite movies, Flight of the Navigator.

There’s two versions. The original was a black background with binary code and a glitched out game title. It was requested that I use the original logo (which I didn’t know existed at the time of designing it) and a background created by the lead artist on the game. It was a glorious marriage of the two designs.

DeathChron Vertical & Horizontal A & B Designs

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