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Custom Playing Cards

I remember back in college there was one project where we had to create a deck of playing cards. I was super happy with how it turned out, but unfortunately was never able to finish the whole project due to my computer dying halfway through the project and losing EVERYTHING.

(Side note, don't ever download a pirated version of Quark Express... Not that I ever did that)

So after chugging about 5 Red-Bulls and staying up all night listening to Jay-Z's Black Album, I managed to crank out a nearly completed project, only I forgot one essential piece to the puzzle - I forgot to make a box for those cards (seriously? Yes, that was part of the stupid project). So I whipped together a hack-job of a box, drove over it with my car, then came to class claiming somebody ran over my project... I got a B!

After the project was over, I had always wanted to revisit the idea of designing my own card deck, but being the scatter-brained individual that I am, I always forget, then remember, then get busy, then forget again. Fortunately, this weekend I was playing cards with my wife (she hustles me every time) and I got inspired... FINALLY.

So here it is, my first real fully devoted attempt at a deck of cards:

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