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Things Are Looking Different Around Here!

I decided it was time for a Six AM makeover.

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For a while I had been planning on absorbing my dad-blog into this website, but could never justify the effort… Well I found my justification when I decided I wanted to cut down my expenses, and the obvious expense was paying for a web management tool when I’m fully capable of just building my own site for free. So I just went for it. I needed to work on my development skills anyway.

So here it is - The new Six AM Comics! Hopefully it’s worth the extra seconds it takes to load (yeah, I said I needed to work on my development skills - I didn’t say they got any better). I plan on making some more changes over time, but the goal was to trim the fat in my life. I’ve combined 2 blogs into one and I’m paying less money to do it. Fat trimmed.

You might notice there’s a lot of content missing that used to be on the site - mainly old updates, flash content and outdated art. I think the reasons are obvious. Flash barely runs on any browsers anymore, nobody’s looking for old site updates, and there’s no way I’d ever present art I’m not proud of. Not happening.

I’ll leave the Tumblr account active (for a while at least), but it will slowly whither and die as I starve it to death.

On that happy note. Take a look around! There’s still a lot I want to do with this site, but it’s in a good enough place that I can take my time with the rest and still have a functional website to throw around my social media accounts… that nobody follows.

~ Mark

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