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Ashcans and Stickers

So this is just a quick post about some things I’ve got going on. The plan was to have the Star Fetched graphic novel finished by… well, now. Like usual, however, I got sidetracked. This time with coding classes and freelance work. I’ve been lucky enough to attach my name to a number of Indiegogo projects by way of sticker designs. All y’all love my chibis.

A very small sampling.

That escalated into an opportunity to illustrate 2 ashcan comics for some pretty epic campaigns: Battle Brick Road and Another Case for the Littlest Umbrella.

I just want to take a moment to emphasize the effectiveness of good fan art. I’ve had 2 incredible opportunities now that have both been a direct result of creating fan art. The Star Fetched game was made possible because of one tweet in 2017 that caught the attention of Crescent Moon Games. These comics are a result of this fan art collage of various Comicsgate creations. Granted, you should never do ONLY fan art - have original ideas for the day you catch the right person’s attention. I’m just saying that flattery goes a long way.

In any case, here’s a taste of the comics I’m working on for these campaigns (I’m only showing these pages because they’re already displayed on the campaign pages under the updates):

Left: “Night of the Bug”, Right: “Untitled TOTO back-up story”

That Umbrella Guy’s ashcan is finished and I’m nearly finished with the Battle Brick Road ashcan. In addition to these, there’s one more comic I created this year for the man himself FragaBoom for his Black Flag: Pineapple Perception campaign. One of his stretch goals was an additional book consisting of guest artists. He asked me to do a page and so I created a 1 page comic that I can’t wait to show off. Granted, I don’t know 100% that it’s going to make the cut, but if it does that’d be pretty awesome for sure. Either way, I’m just flattered he asked.

If you’re wondering how I know Dan Fraga, explore Twitter long enough and you’ll find some funny interactions. Dude is a good dude.

There’s been a handful of other items throughout the year as well - Ad banners, plushy designs, prints, etc… But I’m trying to keep these posts short and sweet when possible and I fear I’ve already rambled too long. In a nutshell, I’m almost finished with my freelance work and then it’ll be right back to the Star Fetched graphic novel for 2021.

2020’s going fine.
~ M.

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