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Progress Report

Time for a little progress report. As of the end of January I had to call it quits on all commission work, which was a difficult thing to do because I enjoy the endless flow of rainy-day funds it brings in (that Nightcrawler trading card collection ain’t gonna’ collect itself!). It had to be done though, my focus for the year is 100% Star Fetched… Well, 90% Star Fetched, I should attempt to interact with my children at least once in a while.

Speaking of Star Fetched - As of now, I’ve finished 30 pages of art and it’s looking like the book is going to be in the range of 60 pages, give or take. I know this sounds like it’s taken me over a year to get 30 pages done, but as slow as I can be at times, I did take a 6 month hiatus last year to complete two 12 page ashcan comics for Eric Weathers & TUG, as well as 3 pages of art for my boy Dan Fraga (update on my last post, it will, in fact, be getting used!)… not to mention about a million stickers for a million other campaigns.

There’s a reason I’m taking a break from commission work!

In any case, I’m really happy with how Star Fetched is turning out, it’s my best work to-date and I really think it’ll be something that my oldest (Milo) will be proud to have been the inspiration for. Nolan is already asking to have his own character - which he does, and I’ve laid the groundwork for him to have a story all his own, though one that goes in an entirely different direction.

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So there’s my big update. 30 pages down, 30 to go. The second half of this book takes the tone in a slightly different direction than your standard space adventure and tackles some themes that I don’t think anybody will really be expecting - Needless to say, I’m very curious how it will be received… Joyfully, I hope?

That’s all in the way of Star Fetched news. If you’re interested, I’ve added some content to the site that’s sure to kill some time during a bathroom break. There’s a page dedicated to Star Fetched on Apple Arcade (not the comic), it’s got a lot of fun art, tons of detailed descriptions, and for kicks I threw in some unused material that didn’t make it into the game.

If you’ve followed 6AM since the earlier 2000 days then you probably remember a fighting game I was attempting to develop named “Son’Uva”. It obviously never happened, but nonetheless I built a page dedicated to what could have been. It’s worth a visit if you’re into some mindless Mortal Kombat knockoff animation, colorful characters and learning about the rise and fall of a 10+ year-long creative process.

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Well that’s all I’ve got for now, my lovelies. Be good, stay safe, and download Star Fetched!
~ M.

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