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OH SCHNAP, IT’S UPDATE TIME, SON! What’s been going on in the wonderful world of Six AM?

Star Fetched:
Slowly but surely I’m cranking away on the ol' graphic novel. Since my last update I’ve completed 3 more pages of art (drawn n’ colored) and I’ve sketched the layout for page 34. I’m telling myself I’m over halfway done because I’d like to avoid going over 60 pages. Time will tell though. I’ve got a good chunk of story to tell and I want to make every page as beautiful as I can possibly make it. It’s also getting harder and harder to share what I’m working on because I don’t want to give too much away, but I hate having zero content to share on my social media accounts, so it’s been a rough couple of months posting old art and retweets.

Responsive image

Speaking of social media, there’s too much of it out there. I hate - HATE - giving Twitter my time of day because I don’t like supporting fascists (yeah, you, Jack). However, that’s where the people are, so that’s where I must be if I’m ever going to make a dime on my comic. I’ve attempted a handful of other platforms with little success. Minds is a great app and I’d love to be there exclusively, but it’s a dead-zone for interaction. Parler got screwed, and although it’s a much nicer-looking platform now, it was denied the opportunity to capitalize on its momentum. I would have loved to stay there, but again - dead zone. I keep hearing that Locals is where it’s at… But unless you’ve already got a couple hundred thousand followers in your fanbase, you don’t stand a chance of getting any recognition over there. I tried. No bueno. But I’m happy Scott Adams found a nice home.

That was more of a rant than an update, but even if one of these platforms blows up, it’s really difficult to start from scratch and form a fanbase. I’ve had my Twitter since 2009 and it took me until 2018 to get a decent amount of followers, and even still, I’m a small fish compared to most of my peers. So I don’t know where that leaves me. Not to get political, but I’m severely morally opposed to Twitter - however, I’m a man of compromise for the almighty dollar. Give me a reason to leave, SOMEBODY!

Side note to all of this, I do indeed have a Six AM Facebook page, but it’s not worth your time. It exists only to keep the name from being used (because everybody is fighting over that sweet, sweet time slot). I spent yesterday wiping it of any and all posts from the last 10 years. I have my reasons!

The Drifters (Breaking Rad):
Star Fetched isn’t the only comic I’m currently involved with. About a year ago I linked up with some really cool dudes and we began a weekly stream on YouTube. We get, on average, 2 viewers… But we love those viewers… Even if one of them is most likely just one of us with a tab left open. In any case, we’re 4 like-minded dads who love Jesus and love making comics. When Marvel embarrassingly announced their laughably woke New Warriors last year, we spent a stream seeing if we could come up with something better… Strangely enough, we think we did. A team of homeless superheroes named The Drifters. It mostly started as a joke. I contributed two characters to the team: Covid-Ops & Buffalo Phil. Covid-Ops got our stream struck and taken down for violating… something? Basically YouTube was slapping anybody who used the C-word loosely at the time, so my character had to sadly be renamed to “Patient Zero”. Lame.

Responsive image

Long story short - we fell in love with our rag tag team of drifters and we’re using the stream to develop a full graphic novel. No, I won’t be illustrating any of it, I’ve learned to limit my commitments, and I wouldn’t be a good fit anyway, but I will be part of the writing process (because why not add more to my list of jobs these days?). If you’re interested in checking out the brainstorming sessions, we stream every Tuesday at 9pm EST here.

Nightcrawler Collection:
I added a new section to the site: “COLLECT”. Basically it was just an excuse to brag about all my Nightcrawler stuff. I wanted to catalogue all of the Nightcrawler items I’ve collected over the years from trading cards, to comics, to artwork and even toys/figures. Why? I love Nightcrawler, that’s freaking why! I’ve always been a fan of the character for a number of reasons - his design is simple yet iconic, his powers are fun, and I’ve always loved the angle about him being a devout Christian and yet his mutation cursed him to look like a blue devil. It’s a great contrast and it’s rare to have a mainstream hero who represents the Christian faith so well…

Oh. You don't... You don't have one of these? Huh.

Now that being said, I don’t know WHAT they’ve done to his story arch over the last 2 decades and quite frankly I’d rather not know. Given the ‘talent’ at Marvel, I’m sure having a devout Christian as a prominent X-Man was problematic, so by now he’s probably both an atheist and a bleeding-heart progressive member of Antifa. But who knows. I live in the past and I’m proud of it.

I plan on adding more collections to ‘Collect’ section, porbably a catalogue of my DVD’s & BluRays, WWF Wrester autographs, etc… The sky's the limit! Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to catalogue your stuff as well. It’s fun to admire all that you have collected… It’s also something relaxing to do when you’re bored. Do it. I dare you.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for more.

Awkward kisses,
~ Mark

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