Who is Six?

These 'about me' pages are just the worst. You try to get as much information about yourself out as possible without trying to bore the reader to tears. I'm already losing you, aren't I?

Well, if you're still reading, I might as well just keep going. My name is Mark Marianelli; I'm a husband, a dad, an illustrator, and an all-around great guy! Still with me?

The name Six AM Comics came about when my friends and I would stay up all night working on dumb movies and comic strips and wouldn't call it quits until the sun came out. I now carry on the tradition of many sadistic artists who get their creative energy at weird hours of the night and don't take a break until it's officially too late to get a good night's rest. Who am I kidding? I'm a loving husband and father of three. It's not by choice that I stay up all night; I'm just not allowed to draw until everybody's in bed.

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What to Expect

If you're on this site, you should probably be doing something else, but for the curious, here you'll find a collection of art I've created over the years. Most notable would be my work on the Apple Arcade game, Star Fetched. Outside of that, I've been very active in the indie comics scene, providing hundreds of cartoon stickers for various crowdfunding campaigns as well as illustrating some backup comics for a few. I'm presently working on my own graphic novel (also named Star Fetched), and if you're interested in learning more about it, there's a nifty page on this site devoted just to that!

Outside of these items, you can check out some fan art, custom playing cards, and various other artistic endeavors I've pursued over the years (to varying degrees of success). This website is what we call a time-killer. Something to do while you're sneaking away from your cubicle at work and sitting bored in a cold bathroom stall while you count down the hours until your next bathroom break... My suggestion? Download Star Fetched on Apple Arcade. It's a better use of your time. Also, I get paid when you download it. I know, that was a shameless plug. I'm a shameless man.

Contact Me??

You can totally contact me! I'm easily accessible on both Instagram and Twitter (X).

Whether for commissions or just to say hey, reach out and drop me a line, I'm a friendly guy. I'm an artist, so I procrastinate a lot. Don't be offended if it takes me a day or two... or 10 or 12 to get back to you.